• Are You Connected?

    eUSAconnect makes it possible for everyone within a community to collaborate with each other as a supporter, contributor or business. Share your stories, news and current events, while supporting local businesses and participating in or volunteering for community activities.
  • Community Supporters

    Community Supporters are organizations that share the common goal of promoting and enhancing the wellbeing of the community by providing services to the area’s residents and businesses.
  • Community Contributors

    Everyone within a community can contribute by sharing their stories, comments and images, attending or volunteering for events, donating to or joining groups and organizations and buying locally. Start today!
  • Businesses - Buy Local

    All businesses are represented and promote their services to encourage ‘Buy Local’, which contributes to growth in the local economy. Businesses can share photo galleries, videos, brochures, events and more.
  • Events & Activities

    Find out what’s happening in your community. Anyone can share event information, which is distributed throughout the network, to enable those who are interested to find the details. Events are featured on related portals and is available to local residents and visitors to the area.
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eUSA Connect ~ Sygnifi Networks - Connecting Our Communities

The Network

eUSAconnect network


The Community Network

Sygnifi Networks has created a system that connects communities with today’s technology.

Learn more about the eUSAconnect Network

  • County Connect
    Linking local communities at the county level through collaboration
  • Trade Portals
    Featuring businesses and events in the wedding, building, travel and culture sectors and much more
  • National Programs
    Sharing information across the U.S. (Photo Guild, Writers’ Guild, Jobs, Real estate, e-University)
  • Mobile App Network
    Connecting communities on the go
  • An all-inclusive current events network.
  • News/stories by amateur and professional writers.
  • Education and training for local businesses.
  • Find businesses and support the ‘Buy Local’ campaign.
  • Employment posting and resumes.
  • Buy or lease property programs.

(1)    Collaborating local communities at a county level 

Make It Happen

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Support your Community

Sygnifi Networks is investing in your community with its eUSAconnect program. All the tools you need for collaboration among local organizations, businesses and residents in the community are included in the County Connect Website and Mobile Apps. Become a County Connect Contributor and help bring these tools to your community today.


  • Employers and Job seekers network

eUSAconnect - Photo Guild

eUSAconnect Writers' Guild

The Writers’ Guild is an association of writers who contribute to our site and who are available to write articles on commission for our clients. Anyone who has had his/her work published on a local community or county site is eligible to apply for membership in the Writers’ Guild.  Learn about how it works.

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