Charlevoix County Connect

We’d Like a Word...

Charlevoix County has long recognized the value of collaboration and cooperation. As a founding member of the Northwest Council of Governments and the Sygnifi Networks County Connect program, Charlevoix County has benefitted from and contributed to this venerable alliance, which seeks to boost the entire Northern Michigan region through concerted business attraction efforts, advocacy and strategic partnerships.

Sygnifi Networks, through its eCommunityConnect program, can open new avenues of collaboration while offering Charlevoix County the ability to maintain your autonomy and unique brand. We would like to be your partner in serving your community as you promote tourism and support local businesses and industry.

eUSAconnect Brings It All Together

Sygnifi Networks has created a system that connects communities with today’s technology. eUSAconnect makes it possible for everyone within a community to collaborate as a supporter, contributor or business. You can share your stories, news and current events, while supporting local businesses and participating in or volunteering for community activities.

Make It Happen

Once the community has raised $10,000 you’ll be connected to the network. Contributions of any amount are welcome. You can receive recognition for your community support or you can designate an organization or person to be given the recognition. In any case, it’s a win for the community. You can get the ball rolling with a contribution to your community’s future today.

Some of the features included are:

  • County Connect System viewed by website, mobile HTML5 view & Mobile App (Android and IPhone)
  • Community calendar systems (open submissions from the public, community supporter or bi-directional feeds from connected supporters)
  • Community Contributor system of stories, news, and photos
  • Local online Volunteering system for community events
  • Community supporters are featured and all businesses are listed in the local business search (all are welcomed in the Charlevoix County Connect)
  • Members of Connected Community Supporter have a proud member icon on their directory that is linked to the organization for optimal SEO link sharing benefits
  • Search function of various community programs, community supporters’ memberships, and donation/fundraising campaigns available
  • Community Writers, Photo, and Video Guild that features and employs local media talents
  • Public Job Posting and Resume Program

 Contact us today, and sign up for a webinar or a one-on-one online presentation of how Sygnifi Networks is connecting the community through eUSAconnect.